Horizontal Wind Turbine Generators ECO-20KW

20kW Wind Turbine

Model No:ECO-20kw
Rated Power20000 Watt
Rated wind speed(m/s)11 M/S
Rotor Diameter(m):10 meters

We make and supply 20KW small wind turbine generator for global market including most of the countries in the world.We help to build 20kw small wind turbine plants in different countries.  All the small 20kw wind turbine generator, mini 20kw wind turbine are in Suneco Wind Factory.


ECO-20kw Technical parameters
Wind rotor diameter (m)10
Blade material and quantityFiber glass reinforced * 3
Rated power / max power (w)20k/23k
Rated wind speed (m/s)11
Rated rotate speed (rpm)180
Working wind speed (m/s)4-30
Startup wind speed (m/s)3
Survived wind speed (m/s)50
Working voltage (v)DC540v AC400V
Battery voltage / capcity (v, ah)2*250=500/200
Speed regulation methodYawing and hydraulic brake
Stop methodManual brake
Generator styleThree phase, permanent magnet
Wind turbine weight (kg)980
Guyed wire Tower height / weight (m/kg)15/1200
Free stand conical Tower height / weight (m/kg)15/2800

Suneco 20kwatt Small wind turbine for sale in Overseas market like Canada, Australia, USA, Philippines,Thailand, Vietnam,Chile, Argentina. Suneco Wind is a professional Supplier and manufacturer of 20kW Wind Power Turbine Generator. It is one of the 20kw Small Wind Turbine Manufacturers in China.

20kw wind turbine power curve

20kw wind turbine power curve


ECO-20KWWind Generator BodyNose cone,blade, HubUS$26,546.00/kit
generator DC500V + rotor
Tail Rod,Tail Vane
Tower and accessoriesfree stand tower, 15M
off grid controller500V 200A
off grid inverter20KVA, DC500V
ECO- 20kw wind turbines
 Item namePacking size(m)(Dimension)Gross Weight(kg)Packing no.
1hub,nose cone0.76*0.79*0.92=0.6 m31504
2generator2.16*1.14*0.72=1.8 m3890
3blade4.96*0.81*0.52=2 m3390
4tail vane2.08*1.28*0.32=0.9 m3255
5tail rod0.7 m3751
6 inverter0.9 m32101
7 controler0.6 Mm32601
8tower1.2 m312603
9tower flatplate1.8 m31261
Total 10.5 cubic meter361611 packegs
Container Load Quantity: 2 sets sets 20’ft,   5 sets 40 ‘ft, 6 sets 40’hc
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