Horizontal Wind Turbine Generators ECO-300W

300W Wind Turbine

Model No: ECO-300W
Rated Power 300 Watt
Rated wind speed(m/s) 8 M/S
Rotor Diameter(m): 2.2 meters

Suneco Wind make and supply 300W small wind turbine generator for global market including most of the countries in the world.We help to build small wind turbine plant in different countries. All the small wind turbine generator, mini wind turbine are in Suneco Wind Factory.

Rotor Diameter (m)


Material and number of the blades

Reinforced fiber glass*3

Rated power/maximum power


Rated wind speed (m/s)


Startup wind speed (m/s)


Working wind speed (m/s)


Survived wind speed


Rated rotate speed(r/min)


Working voltage


Generator style

Three phase, permanent magnet

Charging method

Constant voltage current saving

Speed regulation method


Stop method




Tower height (m)


Suggested battery capacity

12V/100HA Deep cycle battery 2pcs

Life time


Suneco Wind is a professional Supplier and manufacturer of 300W Wind Power Turbine Generator. It is one of Small Wind Turbine Manufacturers in China.

Suneco Small wind turbine for sale in Overseas market like Canada, Australia, USA, Philippines,Thailand.

ECO-300w wind turbine generator packing details
  Item name Quantity Gross weight(kg)
1 Wind Generator 1 22
blade 3 5
hub 1 2.5
nose cone 1 0.5
tail rod 1 3
tail vane 1 3.5
controler and inverter 1 5.5
Veneer packing size:1.16×0.61×0.38= 0.26m3 18
2 tower 0.04 m3 1 25
  total:0.3 m3 2 packing 85 kg
Container Load Quantity: 80 sets 20’ft,    180 sets 40 ‘ft,     200 sets 40’hc

300w wind turbine efficiency chart

CO-300W Wind Generator Body Nose cone,blade, Hub
generator DC24V+ rotor
Tail Rod,Tail Vane
Tower and accessories Guyed tower 6M
off grid controller 24V 50A
off grid inverter 0.5KVA, DC24V
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