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Small Wind Energy is booming in Denmark!

It is well known in the small wind industry that Denmark is becoming the leading market for the installation of small wind turbines.

Denmark practices the system of “net-metering” successfully for years. One’s regenerative electricity production is deducted with ones used energy. The electric meter works backwards so to speak.

This “net-metering” -system is highly effective in Denmark, because the electricity price of 27 eurocents per kilowatt-hour is the highest in Europe.

The Danish government decided to introduce “net-metering” for wind turbines up to 6 kilowatts for all private households. This small wind electricity is paid at a rate of 27 Eurocents per kilowatt-hour. Bigger-scaled turbines can also join in net-metering if public institutions are operators.

Small wind turbines with more than 6 Kilowatts output can also be used. A rate of 8 eurocents per kilowatt-hour will be paid for ten years. Also a 25% tax reduction on the power production income per year is legally fixed.

The demand for using small wind turbines is enormous. Today more than 300 small wind turbines have already been installed in Denmark.

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